Kate Clinton is now the marrying kind!

CertificateAt first Kate was not eager to jump on the Mad Vow bandwagon of gay marriage, but if The Pope is against it; if Pat Roberston and his minions are against it and if George W. is against it – then count her in!
If she can’t beat ’em, then Kate will join ’em and that’s just what she’s planning to do. Kate now has her minister’s license from the Universal Life Church. In your wedding planning, think of including The Irreverend Kate.

Consider using all or part of our wedding package:
The Rite Stuff:*
One hour of pre-nuptial counseling.
Although Kate is not now and has never been married, she can help you.
Remember, it never stopped priests from giving marriage advice.
Kate will work with you to make your ceremony memorably yours.
Officiating at your wedding ceremony.
Kate will help you bless your vows with your family and friends as witness.
And she’s very good with parents.
Emceeing your wedding reception.
She once emceed a million people at the March on Washington; she can certainly manage the flow of your reception. Traditional or unconventional, every reception needs a Wedding Zinger.
*In addition to this standard package, if you had your heart set on a theme wedding – i.e. Xena Warrior Princess, Sporty Spice, Political with burning overturned cars and smoldering tires, Kate can also help. For convenience, most weddings will be in Provincetown or New York City, but for a little extra in the travel budget, Kate will come to you – the more exotic the better!