Let's Get This Party Started!

At long last!  It’s about time to hit the road on my 25th Anniversary Tour.  Let’s start accumulating those frequent traveler miles!  First stop – Long Beach, CA.  The P.T. Barnum of production, Andrea Meyerson, is promising a sold out show!  She’s also the producer of Laughing Matters,  that laugh riot documentary of some of my favorite lesbo comics, and Andrea is threatening to tape this opening show and make a documentary of the tour!  Encourage her. 

The dear dames at NCLR are majorly sponsoring our tour and I couldn’t be happier.  Well, maybe if White House "spokesman" Scott McClellan got long term laryngitis… . If you don’t know about NCLR and all its works, check out their website.  The Advocate, PlanetOut and AirAmerica are also getting the tour word out.  Thanks to them and all things media.

I’m off to pack, my suitcase, cancel the paper and say a quick one to St. Christopher.  For their year of preparation, many thanks to the hardest working booking agent in the bidness, Tam Martin, and to my publicist slash promoter Michele Karlsberg.  I meant the slash.

Can’t wait to see you on the road.  Have I got some dish for you!