And we're off!!

Saturday, January 28 we kicked it off in Long Beach to a sold old, to the rafters house. All systems were go, thanks to my excellent team, Tam and Michele and the StandOut producer, Andrea Meyerson! She also filmed the show for posterity – it’s in the can – and we hope to have a tour documentary for you by 2007. After the show, NCLR and StandOut hosted a post-show lesbo schmooze fest which went on to the wee hours, as Andrea’s partays often do.
Next day in San Diego, the Women’s Chorus celebrated my 25th and the release of their first new CD. It was a matinee which I love because the older I get, the earlier my shows are – I’m aiming for the Grand Slam breakfast show at Denny’s! Because the lights were brilliant, I didn’t see the six women in the front row with L-Word red clown noses, or I would have tried to get them to snort them off during the show.
At the reception after I got to hang out with my niece, Madeliene, who is the only Clinton who has left the northern tundra of upstate New York. I told her her first joke when she was one day old. She asks me what it was.
Before going to Santa Cruz, I’m up in Denver with Urvashi who is here for business meetings. Quality time, dears, quality time. And we had to watch the sad state of the union together because it’s too scary to do it alone.
Moment of silence for Coretta in the Black History Month. The shortest month and that’s not right.
And Wendy Wasserstein.
She was funny.