Fact Checker!

One time I got an email from a woman who told me that she did not appreciate being pointed at during my show.  And she appreciated it even less when I called her a "fat chick."

I was stunned.  I’ve got my own body image issues and I could not imagine that I’d done something like that.

Turns out, during that show, some woman had been correcting me – and who knew from Norway or Finland? – but I’m not the president – and after about the third time she yelled something out – and she was correct – I said, "Well, I’m glad the fact checker is here tonight."

Out in the ether of the net, there lurks another helpful fact checker, who kindly pointed out to me that Dino Sierp and Tracye Lea Lawson’s names from the preceding blog, were spelled incorrectly.

My apologies and thanks to my careful reader for that and so much more. 

Now I have to go on Oprah and take my lashings.  Oh my, is it Lent already?