Drop your head back and pretend you’re a turkey drowning in the rain and say "Luvul".  That’s where The Alternative is – one of the sweetest gay gal spaces since The Planet.  The owners, Kim and Gerine [like tangerine without the tan] are the hardest working gals in the business and in three years they’ve made the club a great performance space and local watering hold.  If you are in the area of Louisville, dew drop in.  That’s what the place used to be called. 

We had a great show and I’m only sorry I had to leave so early the next morning on a bizarre routing to Boston.  I missed the Farm Equipment Show at the Fairgrounds and even worse, I missed the Tractor Pull.  Next time I’m bringing my mesh cap and I’ll be there – guarandamnteed. 

Saturday night at the Somerville Theater was also a rip. Chris Guerrero and Ellen Friedman, who have produced me in Boston for 18 of my 25 years of performing, got some fine press in the Boston papers and even though it was a below freezing night, the crowd came out for a very hot time.  It was like old homo week – old college friends, old students and teachers, lots of ex-nuns!  Those old vaudeville stages bring out the raunchiest in me and the crowd egged me on.  No friendly fired pellet guns were used, but they were mentioned. 

Am back in Manhattan, packing up my think tank tops and trying to find my summer shorts for a ten day swing through Florida.  And watching the Olympic curling for relaxation.  I have a very slight Olymic fever, but otherwise, all is well.