Heads up to all of you in and around the New York Metropolitan area! 

After you’ve finished your immigration protest marching, why not stop over to see the fabulous offspring of Cuban and Puerto Rican immigrants, Miss Marga Gomez in her HIGHlarious show LOS BIG NAMES at the 47th Street Theatre? 

You’ll see why we need to keep those borders open.  Marga gives Guest Worker even more zing.  She is physically fearless – her impersonation of Kathleen Turner and Sharon Stone are killer, but you haven’t really lived until you see her do Queen Latifah as Tiny, in her undersea depth death scene in the movie Sphere. 

You’ll laugh.  You’ll cry.  Go.  Get a date for Marga’s show and apparently for Marga.  She likes em femme and appreciative. 

She makes us all proud.  Viva La Marga!