Maundy Maundy

Imagine my disappointment that I did not meet the Governor of Caleefornia, Col. Klink, when I was on tour in Sacramento.  It was a sunny day, and after weeks of rain, the natives ran to greet me as their precipitation liberator.  We had a Really Good Friday, especially with all the new info on Brokeback Judas and the kiss.  The crowd was raucous and gave it thier Passion Week best.   The Crest Theater is a beautifully restored vaudeville house and I could feel the ghosts of comics past.

The next night in Portland Oregon, at the gorgeous Newmark Theater was also a hoot.  After we got the people out of the theater who thought they were going to be attending a Cable Guy Show.  Heck no, that’s next door.  And some of the lesbians who went into the Cable Guy Show in error learned a great deal and reported back that it is not going well for straight people.

My agent Tam Martin, who lives in Portland, smooothly managed all the details of the show and caught me up on all the news.

The Tour is rolling on like clockwork but I want to give you all a heads up.  If Rummy resigns, [big if, he’s doing all the planning with Dick Excellent Hunter Cheney to bomb Iran right now, he wants to go out with a bang] I’m going for his job.  I couldn’t do it worse.  I’ve got excellent people.

Darlings, it’s a Maundy Monday in New York and the crabapple trees are in bloom.  I’m stepping away from my e-vehicle and I’m off to the park.