Kate hosting "PRIDE IN ACTION" this month on In the Life

PROGRAM: In the Life, America’s Gay & Lesbian Newsmagazine on Public Television
EPISODE: 1509, June 2006
EPISODE TITLE: “Pride In Action”
FEED DETAIL: 1509 K1: Monday, May 29, 2006, 1500-1600 ET/511
InthelifelogoPROGRAM SUMMARY: This month on In the Life, “PRIDE IN ACTION” is hosted by political humorist and performer Kate Clinton.
PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: This June on In the Life, America’s gay and lesbian newsmagazine presents “PRIDE IN ACTION,” an episode featuring three remarkable members of the LGBT community–a young medical student, a high school student, and a veteran actor–each of whom is making unique contributions to social activism. Hosted by political humorist and performer Kate Clinton.
In “A Bronx Tale,” we meet John Paul Sanchez, known as J.P., who’s about to graduate from New York’s renowned Albert Einstein College of Medicine. With his skill and drive J.P. could succeed anywhere, but his dream is to stay right where he is to serve a community in need, the community he grew up in, the Bronx.
There are roughly 3,000 gay-straight alliances (GSAs) in high schools across the country. These student-run groups promote dialogue and tolerance. Some have been openly welcomed, others bitterly opposed. In “I’m Still Emily,” In the Life travels to the heartland of the nation to meet seventeen-year-old Emily Frerichs, the only person to publicly come out in her rural community. Her efforts to start a GSA offer a window into what it means to be young, gay, and a devout Christian in middle America.
In this month’s Real to Reel, filmmakers Charles Ignacio and John Catania share their insights into the genius of actor and playwright Charles Busch in their documentary, “The Lady in Question is Charles Busch.”
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