Mamorial Day Weekend

First there was the lovely visit to Maggie Cassella’s 10th Annual "We’re Funny That Way" Comedy Festival.  I really was a guest worker!  From the opening night dinner gala through a rotating schedule of comedy – The Nellie Olsens, Dina Martini, Karen Williams and Maggie herself – the weekend is a Juste Pour Gay Rires.  Maggie raises and then donates money to lots of arts projects in the area.  She’ll be back at the Vixen in Ptown this summer.  You have not really lived until she "flyers" you!!

Since I had a little time in the apres midi, I got to visit with Elvira Kurt and see her new baby – le petit Madeleine. Elvira and Chloe have a beauty!  Elvira’s comedy stylings often involve deft imitations of her mother.  Goes around, comes around.  I saw Madeliene do an imitation of Elvira doing a goo goo.

I made it through customs – when they ask, "Are you bringing dangerous weapons into the country?" I always want to point to my tongue.  The nine-seater from Boston to Ptown was almost canceled due to thick fog, but my Muse was with me, and we flew off when there was a tiny window of opportunity. 

We used to call the long Memorial weekend "Bud Lite Weekend" because all the young gals, just graduated from colleges in the Northeast, all in backward baseball caps were seen lugging huge coolers of beer into their motels and rental houses.  But a wag on the west end of town told me that he called it "Mamorial Day."  It’s not about pink ribbons and walking – it’s about partying and carrying on and having a blast.  And they did. 

It was a great kickoff to another summer season at the Crown and Anchor.  The C&A season resumes for me on June 22, after stops in Orlando and Santa Rosa, and a week in Ireland where I’ll be tracing my roots.  Not hair, dears, although they are getting darker and trashier by the minute.   

Happy Gay Pride – the month formerly known as June!