Pinball Wizard

Though it was the 16th Annual Gay Days in Orlando, it was my first time in attendance. The ballroom of the Hotel Royal was packed to the rafters, thanks to the producer, Margaret Nolan and we had a raucous good time. The hotel was also the site of a gay trade fair and non-stop parties. What started sixteen years ago as a day, has now burgeoned into a weeklong celebration.  Not only does it bring gays together from all over the country, according to Pat Robertson, it also causes hurricanes and other natural disasters.

And we have the power to destroy marriage.  We’re amazing.  It’s time for a Gay Years.

From the excellent road managing of Kathy Mullen, whom I last saw stage managing the March on Washington and who now works for, as she says, "The Mouse"  I was off to Santa Rosa, California.  I really have to get my booking agent a map.

Tracye Lea Lawson met me in Oakland and we drove up through the vineyards to Santa Rosa.  The hard-working, Ellen Maremont and Robyn Branhal of We Mean It productions brought me to a packed house of 1300 at the Wells Fargo Center, FKA The Luther Burbank.  The staff of the venue is one of the best in the country.  Andre Kelley rocked the house with a funny opening set and introduced me.  It was a blast and then, because those California gals don’t know when to stop, they had a dance after!

The flight home was my favorite kind – uneventful.  Since my return, I feel as if my head might blow off with fury at the ‘president’ and his marriage amendment.  We’ve established what a calculating, mendacious piece of work he is, but what is really frying me is our so-called allies who dryly blather on about procedural-this and state’s-rights-that when it’s your and my life they are talking about.  They are disgusting. 

For quite a while, I’ve had a June roots tour planned to Ireland.  No, not my hair. We’ll do our best to come back to the states.  No guarantees. 

O’okay – I promise I’ll be back for the NY GLBT Center Garden Party and the End Violence Against Women Concert.  But then I’m going to Ptown for the summer.  Come see me at the Crown.