C U in September

It’s almost September, time to don argyle knee socks and I haven’t even told you about refereeing Drag Kickball here in Provincetown?  Must be the vapors from my SPF 90 sunscreen.

The Ptown Kickers meet ever Tuesday for kickball at the high school field and even though their skills are quite developed,  their benefit contest with the loosely assembled drag performers in town was close fought.  More than the Red Sox against the Yankees.  But how hard is that?  Fire that bubble gum chomping manager’s Franconia’s notch. 

But I digress and it is the sunscreen.  Miss Richfield 1981, Cashetta, Scarbie and many unheralded drag queens played their little heels off.  Unfortunately I was the ref and I’m more interested in outfits, interpersonal relations and bipartisanship than actual numbers of innings and outs and scores.  Actually I’m a lot like the Red Sox manager. Who knew?  But we raised some money for the Community Center and it was a gorgeous day.

Carnival Week was slamming in town.  And since the theme was Gay Paree, I was looking for some old fashioned world cup soccer head butting on the floats, but everyone is far more mature than I,  so French maids, Eiffel Towers, french fries and toast and poodles and I think a guillotine graced the parties throughout the week. 

We’re in the lull week before the Labor Day week and Sunday, August 20  was the absolute last day lily of my garden, so soon, the pack up and head back to "reality" begins. Wish I could be in NYC for the dedication of the Billie Jean King Sports Complex before the US Open opens, but I’ve got to work in Ptown.  It’s an amazing and richly deserved honor for our Billie.

It’s so good to see my dear fans, all tanned and relaxed and having vacations.  It’s been fun and I’m ready to hit the road.  First stop is Alaska with the Oliviettes.  I’m taking some of the gals on an excursion, on our snomobiles to that BP pipeline.  Klondykes with all weather duct tape – we’ll fix that thing.  Sheesh.