Don't Get Me Started

Karl Rove is fixing to use that darned Mad Vow Disease again to get out the vote.  Many states are putting the Gay Marriage question on their mid-term ballots. Though some of your finer Christian fundamentalists, both of them, really are nutted up about the sanctity of same-old-sex marriage, the twice and thrice married are not wearing their hypocrisy well this time around. 
Let’s refuse to be used.  We will not be the wedge issue again.  We are not your father’s wedgie.  We will not be the butt-thong between the cheek of church and the cheek of state again. 
Speak up.  Talk to your family. Your friends.  Your teller, your oil change guy, the woman on the treadmill next to you.  If anyone says gay marriage, say Katrina. Say it again.  Gay marriage – the pointless whimsical war of W.  Gay marriage – an inconvenient truth.  Gay marriage – Guantanamo.  Gay marriage – Abu Ghraib.  Gay marriage – women’s choice. 
I would not put it past Karl Rove to have revived the Jon Benet Ramsey story.  But I live with a conspiracy theorist.  No wait, that one was mine.  LIke the marriage issue, it is Operation Distraction.
After you get back from your Labor Day vacations – find something to do for the mid-term elections.  Make it local.  Something you care about.  Something not on line.  Get your feet on the street.  Put a sexy thong over your gas mask, dust off your bull horn and make some noise.