Don't Get Me Started

Whenever I’m in danger of political paralysis – and believe me that’s just where they want us – I have to laugh to save myself. As you know I’ve been talking about being a faith-based comedian for the last, oh say, six years. It’s time to make it a part of your daily non-violent political practice. The sit-in was a brilliant political strategy of the civil rights movement. The die-in was a brilliant strategy of ACT-UP. It’s time for the Laugh-in. Next time you hear of a pompous lecturer coming to town, have dinner with four or five friends, pick numbers one through five and then go to the event. As yet, security is unable to detect your dangerous weapon. Don’t sit together. About five minutes in, at some outrageous statement you hear, the first of you should let go with a whooping large, bend at the waist laugh. Really laugh for a bit, then with a wave of your hand that you are recovered. Five minutes later, the second co-laugher should let it rip. Apologize politely. Repeat. It really gets them off their game. It feels great. You’ll be surprised how many people will join in.