The Fortunate Fall

They say, and you know who they are, that the colors of fall are always in those leaves and it just takes the stoppage of chlorophyll production to let those colors shine through. It was a wet spring, remember those mosquitos? the northern earth has tilted a bit more from the sun, nights are cool. I’m no Kate Nye, the science gal, but the conditions are perfect for a rip-roaring riot of fall colors.
Flying up to Colby College in Waterville, Maine, the earth below was a welcoming red carpet. And the carpet was rolled out by all the folks from the Women and Gender Studies Department, under the direction of Elizabeth Leonard. Many students were in attendance at the show and lots of Maniac gals came out of their little towns to attend the show. It was a great night of celebration.
It was again a pleasure to return to The Theatre at Raritan Community College in New Jersey. Alan Liddell, the theatre director, could not have been more welcoming. The New Jersey audience seemed thrilled not to have to go through a tunnel or over a bridge to see me. My intrepid publicist, Michele Karlsberg and her hard-working posse was there with product and made the evening a very special stop on the 25th Anniversary Tour.
Got back to New York, just in time to celebrate the birthday of my favorite Libra and partner. We all trundled out to the Catty Shack in Brooklyn and danced til we dropped, or actually until we all had birthday cupcakes from Magnolia. Everyone spiked on the sugar, dance frenzy broke out and then everyone crashed. Not as bad as the Yankees. It was a blast. I’m off to Women’s Week in Provincetown for more harvesting of laughter. And the Kate Clinton Classic touch football – Thursday, high noon. Bring your pinnies! I’ll be in the middle with the bullhorn, touching girls. Appropriately, of course.