"You Rock the Vote"

On Tuesday, September 26 I had a blast at the Lambda Liberty Awards held at the Director’s Guild in Los Angeles. I spent the day with my friend Leslie and her nine year old daughter Sophie. As I was leaving for the event, Sophie looked at me and hooted, “Woo hoo – lipstick!” That’s the kind of compliment that can send you out the door!
First, out in the lobby, there were hors d’oeuvres going into lots of familiar faces and then the program in the theater. Those Lambda folks know how to get people in and out. I emceed and presented awards to Jackie Goldberg, longtime LA activist and state pol and to Martina Navratilova for her out and outspoken support of justice for GLBT and their pets. It was great to see Martina and I look forward to seeing her more while she is “retired”. From tennis anyway.
And it wasn’t just because it was so accessible, but I had a great time with the Diversity Group at Prudential in Newark, New Jersey. The event was a networking opportunity for Prudential workers and an information session for GLBT employees and allies trying to plan for their financial futures midst the half-measures of domestic partnership which vary state to state. Since I tend to glaze over when financial planners or insurance people speak, it was good to have my publicist, Michele Karlsberg, there to poke me when my head started to bob. At the dinner after, I loved hearing the stories of the Prudential workers. They like where they work. I still have no idea what “compliance” means, but I’m pretty sure I’m not in it.
I wouldn’t dream of speaking for you, just to you, but this really has been the longest six years of my life. I have Bush boredom, not the good kind, in almost paralytic proportions. If we actually do win some advantage in the mid-term elections, I have no faith that they will actually leave in 2008. They love those coup coup kachoos. All we can do is the next right thing, but check out the Laugh-in tactic in Don’t Get Me Started. Try it. And work for a candidate and register and vote.