Bush Fatique, not the good kind

All Saint’s Day and I’m just hanging around the house, waiting for a call from the Vatican about a possible canonization process for myself.
We had a great time with the live forum on line. Never before was I so happy to have paid attention in typing class. We didn’t have typewriters, hey it was a Catholic school. We had these little sheets, pseudo-pads, that we could pound our little fingers on. Each day we drew two raffle numbers to select which lucky steno to be would get to use the real IBM Selectric. Those lucky students would get to take the plastic cover off the two donated machines and use them for the class. The rest of us had qwertyuiop envy. And you wonder why I wait for the call from the Vatican.
Just back from the left coast of Florida. Had a lovely time with the fine folks in Sarasota. When I finally got there. You try flying out of LGA in a rain and wind storm So I didn’t. I had a lovely time taxi-ing out to JFK and sitting in the leaking Delta terminal for a few hours. All the tsuris made the fun of Sarasota sweeter. The show was a benefit for ALSO OUT the gay hotline and center for gay youth of the area. Candace Sorenson, the new executive director, and a Brooklyn native, has got the joint hopping and the services expanding.
After a lovely brunch to raise awareness of the work of ALSO, well attended because Candace told them to be there, it was off to Clearwater. The show there was held in the lovely Octagon shaped Unitarian Universalist Church. Kris Temple, the producer has lots of wonderful shows planned for the Octagon House season and my show was the kick-off. It was a wonderful raucous crowd. Before the show, I said a little prayer of thanks to the Unit. Those Unitarian churches have always been supportive of us.
Got back to NYC just in time to attend the 11th Annual Sage Dinner and give a Lifetime Achievement award to my friend, the philanthropist and great supporter of In The Life, Henry VanAmeringen. The very courtly Henry was gracious and very embarrassed to be there.
The dinner talk was of course all about the midterm elections. I am trying to be very pessimistic, so I won’t be disappointed again. Call me crazy but I don’t trust those GOPers and their voting machines farther than I can throw them. If the American people really do vote GOP again, then they are sheep and I’m going to start mixing up the Woolite-tinis, America’s favorite new cocktail sensation. I won’t have one myself. I’ve got Bush fatigue so bad my GAP ad would be “tiRED”
Whatever. Don’t forget to VOTE.