I’m practicing celebrity abstinence in the fortnight between Solstice and the New Year – i.e. no People, no blogs, no ET. I need to detox. Pardon my paraphrase of that Britney Spears before she started seeing Paris Hilton: oops, I did it again. I’m so mad at myself. I fell for it. I forgot that despite the mid-term election, the Iraq Study Group Report, democracy whatever, your president George Bush does not give a shit. Oops. When Bush was first Supremely selected, by the guys and gals in the black robes, not the one who has a celebrity birthday on Monday, the story goes that a gay man went through the Inaugural receiving line and told Bush that he was very upset by his homophobic positions and positioning during the campaign. Bush smiled and through clenched teeth, said, “Why don’t you tell someone who cares?” The people have spoken. The people have been ignored. I was thinking democracy. They’re thinking third term. I forgot. In the space I’ve cleared out from my celebrity detox, I’ve resolved to think about what very targeted direct action will snap this Bush’s head around. Or off. I’ll let you know what I come up with.