Watch for Climate Change!

I’ve been so busy reading the Iraq Study Group report, I fear I have neglected my tour briefings. Although I seem to be in the minority, I did have an exit strategy for my 25th Tour of duty and, honeys, I’m sitting pretty at my desk in rainy New York City on a Wednesday morning. I wish the same safe and soon return for all our soldiers.
We had a hugely, and I mean hugely, successful Thanksgiving with the Clinton/Vaid family. Urvashi’s spicy Indian side dishes more than made up for the festival of white people turkeystuffingmashpotato bland meal. A meal you do not chew. We had twenty-three here gumming dinner and still don’t know how we fit them all in our little living room. The bad weather on parade day forced the balloons to be flown at less than half staff, so Sponge Bob and Dora all went by like they were looking for a contact.
After days of leftovers and their many iterations, I headed off to LA for the final three shows of the tour. It came to that. On Thursday, my pals Leslie Belzberg, Curt Sheppard and Alan Hergott hosted a smashing cocktail party for NCLR in the Hollywood Hills. Andrea Meyerson, who had started the tour off with a bang in Long Beach [see January blog – “Andrea Meyerson starts tour off with bang”] produced my last shows with Jon Imparato and the lovely staff at The Village Theater at the LGBT Center.
After a celebratory end of tour giving-thanks and praise brunch with the irrepressibles, Michele Karlsberg and Tam Martin – aka Team Clinton – we did our last show on Sunday. My girlfriend was in the audience and heckled throughout. She’s eager to have me home. It could happen.
On Monday night, after a day with my dear god-daughter Sophie Belzberg, who cleaned my clock in a burping contest, I flew the red eye – have I told you how much I love Ambien? – to Columbus Isles for a year end, off continent gig with the Oliviettes. It was lovely to spend time with my sista comics – Jennie McNulty, Dana Goldberg, Lisa Koch and Julie Goldman. Our impromptu synchronized swimming show, choreographed by the multi-talented Rachel “B’Tinah” Friedman was a crowd pleaser and photos of same will appear in an upcoming newsletter.
This last tour missive comes from Manhattan, where I am preparing for my favorite Solstice observation – Blessed Dykes Night, the longest night of the year. You know what to do. Make me proud. I’m also writing year end checks to my favorite organizations – one of them certainly is my beloved tour sponsor, NCLR.
Thanks for all your support. I am going into fallow mode, winter hibernation, even though it is sixty degress and tulips are coming up. See you in 2007 for the just-in-time “Climate Change Tour”!