Don't Get Me Started

Happy New Pelosi!!
Just try to picture that bearlike slab of a Dennis “We didn’t want the appearance of gay-bashing in the Mark Foolery case” Hastert, former Mister Speaker, inviting all the kids in the chamber up to the podium for his swearing-in. Well he couldn’t and you can’t. It was pandemonium! Madame to be Speaker Pelosi trying to raise her hand in the oath portion of the ceremonies and knocking her grandson in the head; disembodied hands reaching into the frame trying to wrestle the boss’s script from the granddaughters; grandsons trying to grab the gavel from Grandma Pelosi to try it out. Hey kids! It’s time to play the House version of Wack a Mole. It really is. If the next 99 of the first 100 Hours of the Democrats back in control of the House are like the first wild glorious hour, I’m hoping that old Newt Grinch’s “Contract on America” will finally be cancelled.
In the coming days watch as the media midgets stumble over themselves trying, for the first time, to cover a woman in power. Watch for men whining. They better get used to it.