Don't Get Me Started

The average American consumes ten hours of media a day – through print, TV, radio or internet. “The internets,” as W likes to call them. His phrasing could catch on. I’m not really sure how to say “nuclear’ any more. People watch 65 days of television a year. My girlfriend – and we’re so pissed about MA and gay marriage, we’ve decided to introduce each other as “my ball and chain” – asks me where I get my data. I say NPR. And though it wasn’t from Sylvia Polgoli, it must be true. For some blessed reason in this new year, so far I have been off the grid, off my media feed. It hasn’t been intentional, but it is lovely. So I’ve missed some news, but I was just wondering, since we are at war and about to surge into an even war-ier, and since more than 3,000 American troops, AKA people, have been killed, and 36,000 Iraqis were killed and 34,000 injured in 2006, let me ask you, did they cancel the Golden Globes?