Happy New Queer

According to the liturgical calendar, January 6 is the Epiphany. You’re wondering, “Did Kate make some New Year’s resolution regarding the Catholic Church we should know about?” Not to worry, I didn’t. If I did make one for the dear church, it would be that they get independent auditors. Actually I don’t think it’s good form to disclose resolutions, except to say that mine has something to do with George Clooney. Enough said.
The Epiphany has always had a warm place in my heart. In my youth, January 6 in Buffalo, New York was generally a day of sub-zero temperatures, walking to school in the dark, layered in pre-Polartech lumpiness, grumpy that vacation was over. They said I was moody child. As in: I had moods. In my non-youth in the Northeast, the cherry blossoms are in bloom in DC, trees are budding in NYC and some crocuses are up in Provincetown.
The Epiphany is the day when the three wise men, using a very early version of the Magellan GPI, finally made it to see Jesus. Holiday traffic. Oy. He was almost two weeks old, still lying in the manger. Insurance allowed longer stays back then. They brought gifts which they had wisely purchased in the after-Christmas sales. Jesus, always the precocious host, showed himself to the Wise Men as the son of god. It was Jesus’ Coming Out Party! No wonder I liked it.
I’ll be celebrating Epiphany here in NYC, back after ten glorious holi-days in Provincetown. In Ptown, the internet server wasn’t speaking to our computers. My new Palm Treo had the wrong operating system. Basic cable was basic. It was glorious. Lots of Scrabble. I lost the Holiday Tournament, condolences gratefully accepted. Dune walks. Lots of cooking. After two hideous winters, most of the year round Ptowners who could, have decamped to the dangle of Florida. It was quiet. We missed the endless loop of details on the bizarre year end festival of death – James Brown, Gerry Ford [who like another Republican, was never elected president and had a fondness for all things Cheney and Rummy], Saddam Hussein.
It’s Epiphany and it’s time to come out again after a warm hibernation. As the Godfather sang, “I’m gonna get up and do my thing”. He also sang, “This is a Man’s World” and “Sex Machine” but they weren’t brought up so much at the observances. An ice shelf the size of Manhattan broke off the Arctic shelf. George is fixing to surge the troops forward. He’s the decider. The MA legislature will put gay marriage to a ballot vote, thank you very much, Mitt Mitt full of shit. PS: did I tell you he is running for Prez? Devaul Patrick’s inauguration was blissful. Madame Pelosi has been installed with great joy and promise. Hillary is gearing up. Obama is ubiquitous. Say it loud. But say it. Happy New Queer.