Get out your old fuck charts! The L-Word gals have hooked up with some divine webmistresses and they’re putting together an uber—user chart, called OurChart. They’ve explained how it works to me, but since my new year’s motto is, “I couldn’t care less. No wait, watch me. I’m caring less!” I don’t need to know how it works. Let the kids have their fun. I’m just glad they’re doing it.
It’s as if they are mapping the human genome series. They’re sequencing lots of little Ls,and Ds, Bs and Fs, Ts and Bs. Near as I can tell, everybody is supposed to dust off their old charts and the lovely social anthropologist types on the new site are going to do their version of taping the whole thing together. Excellent!! For one thing, we’re finally going to be able to trace some of those so-called ex-gays. For years I asked audiences if anyone there had dated Ann Paulk, the ex-gay poster child. No one ever had. I figured if we didn’t know her, she wasn’t a lesbian. Now we can fire up all twelve cylinders on our search engine, mine our data and get some answers. Think of it as Lesbian Connection without the staples and the tetanus shots. Actually LC is the mother board of Our Chart.
Our fuck chart of Provincetown, 1978-present, is tucked in our kitchen cookbooks between Madher Jaffrey and the gals from The New Basic Cookbook . We started to work on our chart after dinner one night about eighteen years ago and have inputted information ever since. Patterns developed. Certain “hub-women” emerged. These are women who were the anchor in many overlapping clusters. For one impressive lesbian, we had to tape on an entire new page, her own wing. She’s a booth operator at a parking lot now and I admire her from afar.
Can’t wait to get back to Ptown to dig out the chart and send it in and do my part for this great lesbo-science project. You’ll see. Eventually we are all connected.