Mom's Apple Pie, The Heart of the Lesbian Mothers' Custody Movement

While the beginnings of the LGBT Civil Rights movement was gaining momentum, the 1970s witnessed horrific custody battles for lesbian mothers. Mom’s Apple Pie, The Heart of the Lesbian Mothers’ Custody Movement revisits the early tumultuous years of the lesbian custody movement through the stories of five lesbian mothers and their four children.
Narrated by Kate Clinton, the documentary interviews the sons and daughters who were separated from their mothers, the mothers themselves, and one woman who made the difficult decision to flee with her children.
Click here to find out more about the film. Note, the film is currently in educational distribution only, which means that it is sold to educational institutions such as colleges and universities, K-12 schools, public libraries, community groups, etc., with public performance rights included (unlike home video releases, which are lower-priced and do not include those rights). Frameline (the leading nonprofit educational distributor of LGBT films in North America) is handling the educational distribution.