The N-word, the F-word, and a whole Sesame Street of offending words has caused Slur Rehabs to proliferate faster than non-binding resolutions. But lesbians? Heck, we don’t take offense at the L-word. We embrace it, celebrate it, and make it into a smash hit series on Showtime! I love us.
And nothing makes me happier than a Northeast winter snowstorm, a backlog of unwatched L-Words and an at-home with my girlfriend! We watched three Ls in a row one recent, football-less Sunday, and I’m sure that Cybill Shepherd packs a wallop on a week by week basis, but to watch her over a three hour period was completely engrossing. I wore my astronaut diaper. It was multi-purpose.
Cybil’s character is exuberant, joyful, lustful and finally discovering lesbians. I am not current with my L-words again, and maybe Cybill’s character has turned into some kind of freak show – don’t tell me – but she sure was fun to watch opening up. As opposed to say, Judi Densch in Notes on a Scandal. You just wanted to say to her, “Judi, Judi, get a little rainbow flag, march in the Dyke March, watch Cybill in the L-Word. Loosen up.”
Like so many other story lines on the L-Word, the late coming of Cybill’s character is an untold, largely invisible story. A recent article in the New York Times chronicled the increase of sexual activity in naturally occurring retirement centers because of the “popularity of Viagra” as well as “women shedding the idea that sex is shameful.” Most of the women quoted in the article seemed happy for the knowledge, but not about to put it into action. The article also noted “an uptick in homosexual activity” and detailed the lecture given by a sex educator who had been invited to one center to give safe sex information.
Can we augment her talk with some episodes of the L-Word? It’d help those old coot guys more than any Viagra. But since the aging population is predominantly female, just show the Cybill episodes I saw – it might give some of our dear older unsuspectingly Sapphic sisters some ideas!
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