Happy International Woman's Day

And three cheers to the national Concerned Women for America for putting out a press release defending Ann Coulter, claiming that she had said “bag it” not “faggot”. Yes, that’s right, John Edwards is a big ole bag it. They did not specify paper or plastic.
Methinks Girl Gone Wild Coultermania has Karl Rove all over it. Hey, one woman’s conspiracy theory is another man’s history. While cable heads debate 24-7 curtailing the use of the F-bomb and the N-bomb, without a mention of free speech, our eyes are turned from I. Lewis Libby and the more inconvenient truth about death-defying Dick Cheney. I, Kate Clinton, say it’s no coinky dink. I want Libby to do his time in Gitmo. I want him to have the same habeas corpus delecti as those detainees. He’d look great in an orange onesie.
Or perhaps the I. Scoot could exchange it for a candy-striper onesie and do some community service at Walter Reed Hospital? Talk about Notes on a Scandal. [Sidebar: I just wanted to say to Judi Densch, “Judi, Judi, Judi, watch Cybil Shepherd on the L-Word; see how it’s done.”]
Support the troops, indeed.
What were we thinking? After WOMD lies, Katrina “rebuilding”, Mission Accomplished – that the VA was being run right? Heckuva job, Surgio, heckuva job. I used to whine that these last months of Bush felt like the longest of my life, but they are nothing compared to the hospital time that our dear wounded veterans are enduring. For them, the yellow Support the Troop ribbons really are infinity symbols.
Bush and Cheney give new meaning to the Year of the Pig. They keep giving us completely extraordinary renditions of the world. This International Women’s Day I’m having a big bonfire with the obscene number of Bush bashing books I’ve bought over the years. You know what porcine pair I’d like to put on a spit over the pit in a lulu of luau. Enough. I’m making room on my shelves for the post-Bush stories we all better be ready to write. The Bush Legacy: Cleanup on Aisle 5, etc.