WARNING: This is an Ann Coulter free space

Whether you are talking for her or against her, you’re still talking about her. Nothing makes her happier, so enough.
Road Notes:
Have I already told you how much I love Seattle? I love it. The beauty, the food, the folks. Paul Bauer, a proud civic booster and long-time producer friend picked me up at Sea-Tac in his black El Camino. He and his car are very popular with parking attendants. We vroomed into town, past the gorgeous library and city hall. At the hotel I took some industrial strength cold medicine to mask the gross effects of a pesky cold and then it was off to the 100 year old Moore Theater for a fun-filled Saturday night show. My great grandmother’s name was Mary Monica Monahan Moore, so I felt right at home.
After the show, Paul and I made our traditional pilgrimage to the fabulous Flying Fish restaurant in the jumping Bell Town section of Seattle. Get the coconut shrimp. I hadn’t really been able to taste anything all day. Until then. The restaurant is woman-owned. Heck, the state is woman-owned! The two state senators and the governor are a trifecta of feminism.
Paul graciously took me to my 8am flight to LA where I got to spend some time with my fabulous goddaughter, Sophie, who is getting as tall as me. Her mom, Leslie and I went to the amazing WACK feminist art retrospective at the Geffen Museum. Even though Geffen dissed Hillary, go see it if you can.
Unlike Paul, I’m not a car hound, so I rented a sensible white Ford Focus for my trip to Palm Spings. Nothing gives me greater perverse pleasure than handing those car keys to the mandatory and ubiquitous LA valet parker. I drove into Palm Springs through a vale of hundreds of slowly rotating, huge white windmills. So dreamy and surreal. My community housing was with old pals Ginny Foat and Pam Genvereno. Ginny and I go back to 1983 National N.O.W. and Pam is and old friend and former owner of the Pied Piper in Ptown.
The show at the beautiful Annenberg Theatre was great fun. I think I got them warmed up for the Dinah Shore tournament in two weeks. Next day it was back west to Pasadena, again by those windmills, and the world’s largest outlet mall Camazon or Amazon or something, to emcee the Gill Foundation’s OutGiving Conference.
Reminder: Daylight Savings is three weeks early this year. It’s one of His Extreme Lameduckness’s energy saving ideas. He’s not the fall guy. He’s the spring guy. If it means I see his face one hour less three weeks sooner, I’m down with it.