A Great Anniversary It Was!

‘Tis the season of bizarrely colored egg salad. It’s delish of course, but I tend to look away at the approach to my mouth. Not in a shunning way, all creatures great and small after all, but more in a distracted “wow, look at how much I owe in taxes, why don’t I just buy a Humvee and armorize it myself?” way.
And I owe all those taxes because of the success of our 25th Anniversary “It’s Come to This Tour.” Beware when your Turbo Tax program crunches the numbers and the final report begins with a laugh track and a flashing, “I’ve got some good news and some bad news.” If I could just earmark it to women’s healthcare, early childhood education or a Scarlet Knights scholarship fund.
The last show of our tour was in Denver, Colorado at the wonderful Gothic Theater. It was on Good Friday of Passion Week. Ironically, it came to that. I gave it my all and it wasn’t just a good Friday, it was the best. It was mile high. As she has for almost 22 years, the lovely and talented maven of Maven Productions, Nona Gandleman brought me to the Rockies and produced a sold-out, standing room only blast of a night. They were scalping tickets! I love those Rockettes.
It was my last show with the sponsorship of the National Center for Lesbian Rights. I’ll thank them again at their big 30th Anniversary gala on May 12th in San Fransisters, and always. [think about coming to their gala – it’s a sea of leggy women in black cocktail dresses, yum] NCLR’s early and unconditional support made the tour even more special. As a bonus, at different stops on the tour, I got to hang out with my brilliant, dynamic sister Kate Kendall, the executive director. Other hard-working NCLR staff joined me on the road at events during the year. If you want maximum bang for your buck, join NCLR. And dearies, it’s tax deductible!
A special thanks to my hard working booking agent, Tam Martin, my own Velvet Hammer, who stylishly represented me and our million details to producers. And a special thanks to my indefatigable publicist/promoter, Michele Karlsberg who helped producers get people in the seats by dragging me out of the Dark Ages of Mimeograph into the New Dawn [for me] of websites and MySpace. I am very proud and honored by their work.
We’re not stopping! We are already into the second quarter of the Climate Change Tour. The climate is changing! Next season of April flowers and taxes, I hope we will be closer to peace dividends and more women in power and that someone will finally have pointed out that Don Imus has absolutely no right to speak of anyone else’s hair.