CNN and YouTube

Hi Kate –
I’m Ruth, in MD, and I chatted online with your during your first 2 internet
chats. I was wondering if you were planning on another one anytime soon. I
know your summers are very busy, but maybe this fall we can chat again.
Also I was curious about one other thing. CNN and Youtube are inviting
people to submit videos with their questions for the presidential
Would you consider sending in any questions — if so, what would you ask??
Thanks for keeping us all laughing!
Dear Ruth,
My webmistress, Michele, has not scheduled another chat yet. Meantime this Q&A will have to do!
I would ask them if they really know how to access YouTube themselves! I know they are trying to involve the younger generation in the political process and I think that’s great.
I would ask each of them what the diplomatic plan is for cleaning up Iraq.