Leaving The US of A

With all this global warming going on at what point do you think I should
start looking for work close to the Arctic?Circle?? To be honest, I have
been looking and found a most excellent job working as an addictions
counselor at place called Yellowknife, Great Nothwest Territories,
Canada.? When you look at the pictures it is really quite beautiful in a
monotous white snowy kind of way.? Have you checked into relocating yet??
Personnally I have talked with my friends and not one has agreed to visit
yet?should I go there.? Maybe once it has warmed to a mere?-15F.? Bet that
would help with the hotflashes though and the sun never sets so think of
how productive you would be! And no George Bush?& Co.? Really though, at
what point should one think about migrating, do you have a checklist and
would you mind sharing?? And when it comes to migrating what does your “to
do” list look like?? Thanks so much,
Happy summer,
I used to think of emigrating to Canada – and Yellowknife also is dark a lot in the winter – but I’ve decided not to give these idiots the satisfaction and to stay and keep laughing at them.
But I do have some lovely Polartech numbers that are going to waste. If you head north, let me know, I’ll send some going away gifts.