Dinner with Hillary

Good Evening,
I was just reading Hillary Clinton’s recent web letter inviting anyone to
register for dinner at her home in Washington. Of course, the goal is to
generate buzz for more donations. I then found a way to register for the
‘drawing’ of her dinner through the web site without making a donation. I
registered and then thought- who would I like to invite to this dinner with me aside
from my partner.
So the chances of landing the opportunity to dine with Mrs. Clinton is
slim however, if I did perchance get the opportunity, would you consider
joining my partner and I? You may also invite your partner as well? I thought after
listening to your many monologues, I think things would be quite
interesting if you and your partner were in the dinner party probing our future president
about various issues.
Of course the chances of being selected are slim – but if it happens,
please consider the idea?
Thanks Kate!
Cindy Jackson
Dear CIndy –
I will so be there if you win –
I am planning my outfit right now and working on
my Madam President manners.
Go girl!