Executive Orders

Dear Kate,
Executive Orders, those from our dear el presidente Bush, can be just so
annoying, have you noticed?? There are two which are just too irksome, one
in which he threatens to take all your stuff if you protest his war in
Iraq and the other where he threatens to take all your stuff and your
spouses stuff and your child’s stuff it you get in the way of what he has
going on in Lebanon.? What does he want with my daughter’s stuff anyway??
Honestly, I used to like Executive Orders prior to this, at least I have
many fond memories but if he keeps this up, my pencant for executive
orders may just go away and as a lazy top, where would you be if all those
lesbians at there find that executive orders just are not to their taste
anymore due to el presidente’s overuse of them.? Are you concerned Ms.
Clinton?? I havent left for? Canada yet, I am waiting to lose at least?two
more civil rights before I head out.
Getting over the Executive,
I just tried some of my French on a guy who asked a question from
Quebec, so soon I won’t be able to go there either.
I think your presidente is going to announce one late Friday that he’s
given himself a full pre-emptive pardon.
I don’t know why he wants all our stuff. Maybe he’s planning to
re-gift for Jenna’s wedding.