Indiana Wants Me, and I Can Go Back There

Maybe it was the back to school blues, the killer Hypocrisy Fatigue I’ve been suffering, and the anticipated, conflated manipulated Petraeus Report/ 9.11 Remembrances that combined to form a Category Ouch perfect storm of despair. My mother always said I was so dramatic.
So it was with the sluggishness of Lead Barbie by Mattel, that I boarded the first plane I’d been on after two months of riding my bike to work in Provincetown and headed out on the road again. On the road again. On the road again. Sing out Kathy Najimy.
Well, if you are blue, go to Bloomington, Indiana. Ironically, It’s a dot of blue in a red state. I did and I feel so recharged. Side effects may vary, but I have to say that at no time did I feel compelled to go to a bathroom stall in the LaGuardia Airport for some toe tapping. So much for the Restless Craig Syndrome.
When I landed in Indianapolis, home of the world series cup bowl winning Colts, I was met by Nancy and Kim and we headed out on the hour drive to Bloomington. They had not had rain in those parts for two months so it was beige like Baghdad. Nancy and I had met years ago at the Michigan and National Women’s music festivals and she’d brought photos of the young us. I was the one with clothes on.
I was there to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the GLBT Alumni Association at Indiana University. They are an organization of 950 and their new president has said he wants to double the membership. Their group raises money for GLBT scholarships and also has emergency scholarships for students who, when they came out to their families, had been cast out of the bosom of the so-called family values.
After a lovely dinner with 200 of them, I performed at the refurbished I.U. Auditorium, site of many a women’s festival. A couple of the backstage tech guys remembered me from years ago! It was that yellow linen jacket. Very dramatic.
After a raucous show and post-show meet and greet, I rode back to Indianapolis with long time producer, Dino Sierpe, of Branching Out Productions. Yacking all the way. She’s fixing to celebrate her 25 years of production, and I am on board for wherever and whenever that happens.
And it poured! So just to let you know, I am available for appearances in drought-stricken regions. Must have been that toe-tapping in my rain dance.