Age Difference

I know that there is a slight age difference in your age and your
girlfriends.? I am 42 and my partner is 19 years older.? In your
experience, what has been the best and the worst part of your age
difference?? What has been the affect on the relationship?? Inquiring
minds want to know.?
Warm regards,
We have a twelve year difference – I’m older. Mind you, if Urvashi
were twelve years older than me, she’d still have more energy. She
keeps me on my toes. I guess the worst part is that there is a
statistically good chance that I’ll be shuffling off my mortal coil
before her. I’ll miss her. So it’s just better to think that today is
the only day. And today, despite her amazing brilliance, she has no
clue how to make a good looking gay bed.