Women's Week

The Provincetown Women’s Innkeepers put on their 23rd Annual Women’s
Week and it was a rip-snorting good time!Thank you to them and all their hard work. And many homegrown thanks to Lynn Mogell and all the innkeepers who honored me with their first
Woman of the Year Award.
The schedule of events was jam-packed, the performers in town almost
out-numbered attendees, the guest houses were full, the weather could
have been more cooperative but everybody seemed to snuggle up and have
a good time. I know I did. Despite the annoying cold I caught from
some Typhoid Lezzie early in the proceedings.
Thursday’s Annual Touch Football Game at high noon at the Bas Relief in
the center of town was well-played by rotating teams of seven players.
Everyone looked very festive in red or white team jerseys supplied by
NCLR. Suzanne Westenhoffer’s galpal, Jen looked excellent in her black
and white ref shirt and officiated a great game. Vickie Shaw did play
by play, like a crazed southern Howard Cosell on the megaphone. We
even had four orange cones this year to indicate what actually might be
a touchdown. It started to rain after the game. No one got hurt,
maybe a little dinged and sore the next day but the crowd loved it.
The town was awash in performers in venues all over town. Thanks to
all who came to my shows and hooted and hollered and stayed to chat
after. It was great to see so many of you.
It was also great to see so many of my sweet sister performers day
after day in this one lovely place. Comics, singers, actors all put on
quite the show of lesbian culture and entertainment. Masquerade balls,
a basketball night with Cheryl Swoopes, Girl-Power dances, a
Romping/Stomping Lesbian Revival meeting, dinners, parties, and the
sheer enjoyment of outdoor acitivites on the tiny spit of sand known as
Ptown made for a total blast.
Hope everyone got one of my “Hilarity Clinton, 2008” buttons and is
wearing it back in your hometown. It’s a wonderful conversation piece!
The town is quiet this Sunday night. Fantasia Faire, a special week for
Transvestites known fondly in town as “The Tall Women” is up next and
early arrivals are promenading down Commercial Street in their London
Fog raincoats and size fifteen heels.
I’m so proud of my town. The women innkeepers of Ptown make all feel