I think the date is going real well- then……

Hi, Kate.
Ok. So, this isn’t as important as world peace
or freedom of oppression for women but here goes.
I find dating to be a real drag. I think the date
is going really well and then…(dramatic pause)….
There she is. Ms. Ex. I find myself working as a counselor
before the night is out. I don’t want to become bitter and jaded
(although under the current administration it can be difficult…),
but there’s nothing that puts out the sparks like a martini with a
therapy chaser. Suggestions? Encouragement? Co-dependent
support? Thanks! Amy
Not to worry, if dating is mastered [or of course mistressed] I believe
there will be world peace, freedom and an end to the oppression of
women. No wonder you feel the pressure.
Can you pre-select, to avoid costly dates? Like a questionnaire –
Where do you stand on the death penalty? Are you for Hillary Clinton?
How long has it been since you were with your ex? Do you love Napoleon
I admire ANYONE who is doing the dating. I’ve been in long
relationships m whole lesbian career. Of course they’ve been wonderful
hostages, I mean women but there was a tinge of dating avoidance. I
will not lie.
We’ll have a brand new woman president next year at this time. So
don’t lose faith.