So I just signed up for your newsletter hoping it would get me a few
extra points toward getting my burning question answered. Although it
may be too inflammatory.
I’m wondering if you ever miss those maybe-not-so-bad-old-days when we
lesbians weren’t quite so darn assimilated. You know, the whisper in
the office lunchroom times. The good old neighborly spinsters next
door instead of the block captain lesbian couple with kids that
everyone holds up as their “some of my best friends are…” shining
I mean, the last time I attended one of your concerts there were
*gasp* a whole bunch of straight people there. And they took the best
So, what do you think? Any longing for the wink-wink-nudge-nudge days??
Missing the in-group just a little bit,
Nancy Quay, LMSW
Ann Arbor Therapy Services, LLC
Dear Nancy,
Glad you signed up. Quite frankly our “Ann Arbor Therapist”
demographic was dismally low.
I love your question. I had a little frisson of those special friend
days just reading it. I’m a recovering catholic and so the more
forbidden the hotter and dirtier.
Perhaps you could start one of those Second Life internet personnas
that the kids are doing and try to recapture those days. But then
again, technology is such a turn off.
Or a pot luck. I believe in the lesbian pot luck as a reminder of
those old days. Draw the blinds. Put on the some Cris and Meg and
Holly. Dredge up some softball gossip.
Mostly though I find, and I’m sure you do too, [eek was that
co-dependent?] our visibility gob-smackingly exhilarating.
Next time, I’ll reserve you seats in the front row!!