Calling all fans! Blog awards season approaches…

Calling all fans! You may remember that last June, CommuniKate was named one of’s Top Ten Lesbian Blogs. Want to help extend Kate’s reach even farther? Then please consider nominating CommuniKate for the following blog contests. Thanks in advance for any nominations – and for reading and commenting on CommuniKate!
2008 Blogger’s Choice Awards
Nominations due THIS FRIDAY, January 11
Suggested categories: Best Humor Blog, Best Political Blog, Best Blog Design, Best Celebrity Blogger
2008 Bloggies
You can nominate Kate for up to three categories, and your ballot must include at least three nominations. Suggested categories: best weblog about politics, best glbt weblog, most humorous weblog, best-kept secret weblog
The full name of Kate’s blog:
Kate Clinton CommuniKate
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