Creating Change in Seattle

During the grand scheming of presidential politics, it’s always nice to remember what Tip O’Neill, the grand old pol of Massachusetts used to say, “How ‘bout them Patriots?”
Nah, he didn’t say that. The New England Patriots weren’t around when he was shaking political hands and making deals. Although, how about them?
No, Tip said, “All politics is local.”
So it was great to go to Seattle, one of my favorite cities, and kick off my “Hilarity 08 Tour” and emcee an event sponsored by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. The Second Annual Heroes Dinner honored their beloved longtime activist, Louise Chernin, who gave a rousing acceptance speech that spanned her years of activism from the women’s peace encampment around Boeing to stop Cruise missile production to her current work with the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.
The crowd needed some rousing, because they were distraught that their football team, the Seahawks had just lost in the snow of Lambeau field to the Green Bay Packers. It was like sitting Shiva. But that buzzkill was more than offset by the news that a group of four local women were about to buy the WNBA Seattle Storm. I suggested they might also get a deal on the Seahawks.
The Seattle locals also honored the work of the Task Force. headquartered in DC, and involved in local training and activism for more than 30 years. Matter of fact, if you can, come to Detroit in February – it won’t be cold, thanks to global warming – for Creating Change, the 20th Annual raucous caucus of GLBT activists from around the world. You’ll feel better. I’ll be the Comedy Concierge for three days of events.
The Task Force has been talking about Change before it became the buzzword of this presi-season. I wish they had trademarked it. That’s what I call fundraising. They could buy the Redskins. And then change the team name.