Happy 2008!

You’ll be happy to know that I have already broken my first New Year’s Resolution. I wanted to change my name to Plaxico Clinton, but my darling publicist nixed the idea. She’s all about the branding. Also my galpal was against it. And her name is Urvashi.
Some of you think I’d be better off changing my last name. Let’s hear it for those Americans freezing their caucuses off in Iowa for the sake of so-called democracy. Thank you. I wonder if Iowa goes into a deep depression on Friday when everybody decamps for other states. You know what? I don’t care.
We had our annual New Year’s Eve beachfire. Like bad-for-you snacks on Bowl Day, it’s a tradition. The winds were howling, the tide and surf were high, but the skies cleared a little before sunset and we went through with it. Thank god for duraflame logs. Two old Girl Scouts just fainted, but you try to lighting a fire in high winds.
We write down what we want to get rid of from the old year and toss it into the fire. Although the winds picked a couple lists up and blasted them down to Truro, we were able to tackle a couple of lists and get them into the fire. We were determined.
I burned up fear. I always do. Some say it’s an acronym for Forgetting Everything is All Right. Somewhere profoundly that might be true, but just to be safe I also burned up the Bush Administration and war. Let’s get this primary thing done and pick somebody already and get these monsters out of power.
I resolved that each one of you read Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine. It is a must read. Or listen to it on audiobooks. We did on our drive back to NYC and almost ran over a couple of mini-Coopers. Sorry. Get it. Read it. We’ll discuss.
Happy New Year!!