Gay Christians

I just watched your 25th anniversary show on LOGO and enjoy you and your
humor – – but you talk about Christians as if it’s impossible to be gay
and a Christian. But when you say that, you are in agreement with too
many in the “Christian” churches. You want to talk about courage? The
courage to come OUT as a gay Christian takes GUTS – so why not give us
some credit there?
I realize a BUNCH of the “Christian” stuff we hear today is crap – just
like a BUNCH of the gay stuff we hear today is crap. But why not give
credit to those of us who realize that we gays have to show tolerance too?
If we can’t give it we’ll never get it.
“It’s not who you love, but whether you can…”
Janis Ian/Matthew
Dear Carla,
Holy crap! Though it’s not something I choose to do, I do admire gay Christians who are out in their churches. So thanks for witnessing in your church and being active in changing the dialogue.
I give big props to you for being an out gay Christian in your church, and I also give big props to out gays who have the courage to question the immoral authority of Christians whose extremism is actually unchristian. I think we need to do both. It makes for better bake sales.