Hillary? Obama?

We were dissappointed to see that you aren’t bringing your live show to
Portland, OR. My partner and I both enjoy your humor and would love to
see you in Portland or Seattle. I have a political question for you. My
partner and I are split on this election. I support Hillary and she
supports Obama. What are the concrete reasons you support her over Obama?
We don’t argue over this so its not an issue. We are united in the joy
of Bush/Cheney leaving the carnage that is now the white house.
Susan Glenn
Patty Zurflieh
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Dear Susan,
It is quite a pleasure to have two exciting candidates to chose from isn’t it? The concrete reasons? I want a woman president. Simple enough. Actually I want a lesbian who doesn’t give a shit what men think. That will be a few more years, apparently.
Like you I want the current junta out.
My audacious hope is that whoever the Democratic candidate, that she or he will be able to unite the party and defeat the Republican nutjob candidate and take back Congress.
Otherwise I’m off to Brazil.
Viva Lula!!