Two In Twenty

I first saw you on “Two and Twenty” in 1985. I loved the
tongue-and-cheek advertisement. What prompted you to do this gig? I was
disappointed that the community access station in Somerville only
produced 6 episodes. It was cheesy but it was fun TV and somehow
representative of the lesbian community. Now we have The L Word with
lesbian characters I’ve never had the pleasure to meet. Did you ever get
to view any of the 2 in 20 episodes?
Missy Buck
Moi? Something fromagy? Mais non!
Dig those episodes out of the vault!!
We’ll add it to our justly famous “History of Hair” reel.
I remember more doing “The World According to Us” for WGBH.
Given the darling sexism of this election, we should bring that show back.
Thanks for the reminder and for paying attention all these years.