Did you know that the Catholic Church, hereafter referred to as “the
Corporation” has literally proposed amendments to the ten commandments?
(is that an
amazingly audacious proposition or what?) I’m pretty sure the shareholder’s
meeting is in Rome, so I’d like to give you my proxy. Unlike the brethren
who will no doubt be assembled, I trust you to vote our collective
Thank you.
Sharon B.
St. Louis, MO
Is that you, Sister Mary Sharon? It’s been so long. I’d heard you’d left the order. His Extreme SlipperySlopeheadedness,
also uses the executive signing privilege George uses, so no use going to sit with the Bishoprics. The
Widow Ratzinger will do as he will. God speaks through the both of them. So they say. Meantime, I’m doing a novena
for the Yankees.
Can I get an amen?
Sister Kate