Yes, They Can

Yes, they killed the DC Madam. Another woman who was employed at the same escort service was arrested on prostitution charges and committed suicide before she could go to trial.
I know, I know, I live in the house that conspiracy theories built, but yes they killed the DC Madam. “She left two suicide notes,” just ain’t making it for me. All those pompous ass, family values boys were afraid of getting outed. Come on.
Rest in peace, Deborah Jeane Palfrey. I hope you were running a second set of books and a really good friend knows where they are and where the key is.
In other news – three darling citizens of Lesbos who have nothing better to do, have sued a local GL organization for use of the word “lesbian”. One guy said his sister can’t say she’s a Lesbian because her identity has been usurped by “certain ladies.” Whom I’d like to meet.
Have an ouzo and calm down. Get your chitron out of the twist. You are so last century. The kids have already moved on to queer and questioning and transitioning. And I still know women who wouldn’t say lesbian if their mouths were full of one.
FYI Lesbos is also known as the island of Mytilene, so from now on I’d like to be known as a mytilene-feminist. Efcharisto very much.
And another thing. I am denouncing my pastor. Actually, I denounce all pastors.