Granted there may not be a lot of us who remember, but is it just me or
does Palin remind you of Phyllis Schlafly?
At least she sure gives you a lot of new material to work with! Am
looking forward to being at the Birchmere when you’re there in November,
in the meanwhile stay sane, and thanks for contributing to my sanity.
Viki Robertson
Dear Viki,
It wasn’t just you – it was you and Gloria Steinem who saw the connection.
Gloria in her great op ed in the LA Times – “Wrong Woman, Wrong Message”
calls Sarah Palin a young Phyllis Schlafly. I don’t know if Phyllis’s
Wikipedia has been scrubbed, but there’s no mention of her gay son.
Gloria refers to herself as a “hope-aholic” and even manages to find some
good Hurricane Sarah. I’m following Gloria’s lead and not going insane.
And hip hip hip hooray for my Serena Williams!!
That helped –