The day before the latest March on Washington in October, (and you looked fabulous, Kate!) my partner and I were doing a bit of sightseeing when we came upon a group of religious fanatics with their bullhorn and huge sign condemning homosexuality. Right on Constitution Avenue. There were a few hundred mostly young people across the street, catcalling and the like.

We stepped right in front of them into the middle of Constitution Avenue – completely stopping traffic – and gave each other a lip-lock, tonsil-tickle the likes of which haven’t been seen since doing the same thing years before in front of Phred Phelps and his video camera crew in San Francisco.

The crowd went ballistic, completely drowning out the morons with the bullhorn.

Finally coming up for air, we smiled and waved at the dumbfounded dummies before turning our backs on them and heading arm-in-arm into the cheering crowd.

Street Theatre is a lot of fun.

Tim Deneen