Failed States

What manner of fresh hell will the Republicans think of next?
First the Republican Governors  adapted Karl Rove’s lockstepping, bootjacking game plan to quickly ram measures through their legislatures to decimate public employee unions, i.e. those traitors who did not support their elections.  Many guvs favor bashing money-grubbing teachers who do the hardest job in the world [trust me on this] and earn $35,000 a year.  God forbid the guvs would tax the rich.
Meanwhile the Republicans in Congress, too chicken to bite or regulate the hand that feeds them, are doubling down to bully the poor, immigrants and women instead.  And again.  The Pence Amendment to prohibit federal funding of Planned Parenthood is a cynical threefer. Tax their Viagra.
So Happy 100th Birthday, Ronald Reagan. This is the wreckage of your blithely vicious anti-government claptrap. This is what corporate government looks like at thirty years.  One of Reagan’s idiotic fantasies was a Star Wars Missile Shield. Schematically it resembled a domelike diaphragm over the US, just waiting for the Washington Monument to come to town. 
In Reagan’s memory, Republicans want to create an equally fantastical airless Bias-sphere, with sky-boxes above for the rich to watch the death throes below. Grab one of Pat Buchannan’s old pitchforks and join the protests.