House of Wind, Sir

The King’s Speech was the royal carpet-bombing to get subjects in the mood for the big same-old-sex nuptials  between the prince and a commoner.  A very wealthy commoner, but common nonetheless.  The movie didn’t do that for me, but my Irish heritage sometimes gets in the way of full-throated appreciation of English royalty.

The Royals’ timing couldn’t be worse. The big April 29th royal wedding is overshadowing the Papals’ big May 1st Vatican happening. Is there no WE-Calendar syncing between the monarchy and the paparchy?

On May 1st Pope Bennythedict is fixing to preside over the beatification of Pope John Paul.  Not to be confused with beautification: that’s wild flowers, highway medians, Lady Bird Johnson.  That’s prettification.  Beatification is putting Pope John Paul on the fast track to sainthood. Faster than Mother Teresa!

It was a promise then-Cardinal Ratzinger made shortly after the white smoke puffed out of the papal chimney and was certified not to be from Italian correspondent Sylvia Poggioli’s cigarette.

Pope B might actually be grateful for the scheduling conflict. To be beatified, if I’m reading the beati-regs correctly, a saint-to-be must have performed a miracle.  With all the international tsuris the church is having, Pope John’s miracle of making the pedophilia scandal disappear might not be something to be beatified.