No YOU Shut Down

Somewhere those end-time rapturists are kicking back with a big stogey, an Armagedda-tini and a big fat smile on their slab faces.  Bring it on.

The Obstinance-Only Teabagging GOP is determined to fulfill their promise to shut down the government. Then what? WI Paul D. Ryan, another i.e.d. of demagoguery, is bravely taking on solvent government entitlement programs for the poor and the elderly. He’s AMAZING. And now Michele Bachmann has found her Jihad spot.

Meantime President Obama kicks off his re-election campaign and it’s all about how he has to raise a billion dollars.  Which will be more than matched by the Citizens United Cock Brothers and Dick’s Armey.  Which will keep the useless [except for Rachel] “we didn’t see it coming” news media alive for a few more pointless years. Lean forward. Bend over.

Day after day it’s throngs of men – the opposition, then the loyalists, then the opposition again, dang it’s the loyalists again, I can’t tell anymore – screaming, chanting, marching and shooting weapons we’ve sold them.  Don’t believe me?  Check the receipts.

It’s finally a sunny day in NYC.  I’m going down to the river to check on the cherry blossom buds.  Hope it’s not the last spring for them.