My galpal gets the Wall Street Urinal because she likes to know what the capitalists are thinking. I was looking for the WSJ weekly crossword puzzle in case I finished the NYT Sunday puzzle in a timely fashion or by Tuesday.

A full-page ad with the word “I-Tomb” caught my eye.

The “I” had roots or cracks or varicose veins growing down.
The image was a simple elegant upholstered chair, with a white coffee cup on the chair arm, an opened book on the seat, before a window of hazy white light.

The text above the fold reads: “Build your Immortality. Life is worth it.” Below the fold in a smaller font: “everyone needs an I-Tomb.”

And then:

Build your immortality.
Say what you have to say. Do not leave unprepared. Let www.i-memorial.com become the fully secure guardian of your lifetime, the best place to leave the trace of your passage on Earth.

Join a Human Revolution.
Tell the story of those who have left you. Bring your loved ones back, anytime, anywhere, when you want to cherish and remember with www.i-tomb.net, The World Virtual Cemetery.

I admit I am frequently late to the e-i-e-i-o-party down on the virtual Farmville. I just got Angry Birds. Did I miss I-Womb? Did you know about this? Have you already written your message on I-Tombs where people can visit to “get to know who you were, what your life story was and what your thoughts of the world were”?

Hopefully the visitor is not your long-term i-matey who checks in to see who the hell she was living with all those years.

Check it out. Help me out here. Give me a clue.